Excel Deduplication Software

DataMatch 2014 and Data Cleaner Pro is a fast, simple, efficient, affordable software tool for excel database deduplication. This cost-effective Database Deduplication Software tool detects duplicated data entries in excel database using powerful in-built features like fuzzy matching, pattern recognition, advanced name deduplication and company deduplication techniques.

Data Match 2014 is intelligently designed with several unique features like email cleaner, advanced email cleaning which finds email errors and automatically suggest corrections, merge and delete duplicates by merging the most complete information across duplicates and overwrite data from a master to other duplicates, and delete duplicates from your data sets and makes your data consistent.

Finally Data Match 2014 and Data Cleaner Pro proves the best excel deduplication software tool to secure your data from duplicates. So download the free-trial version of Data Match 2014 and Data Cleaner Pro now!