In the insurance industry, the ability to understand risk is the key to success and growth. From the individual policy holder to the Fortune 500 company, an insurer must understand every aspect of the liability they are about to take on. With such a large amount of variables, an insurer must be able to tap into data that provides accurate indicators as to the assumed risks. Without accurate data, insurers would be significantly less likely to take on risk. This lack of confidence would inhibit both the growth and prosperity of both individuals and industry.

, Great Data Allows For Accurate Risk Assessments

Insurers maintain intricate and detailed data on insured and performance data on industry trends. These databases contain intricate and detailed data that can easily contain errors. Misspelled names, addresses and contact information are the most common areas for data entry errors. Having these types of errors, can allow for multiple entries, as shown in the table below:

Company    Address             City        St ZIP®       Phone
————  —————–  ———— — ———- ————–
1  ACME INC.   555 E. MAIN ST      BURBANK     CA 91505-4356 (818) 740-8283
2  ACME PRODUCTS   555 E. MAIN STREET  BURBANK     CA 91505      (818) 740-8283
3  ACME COMPANY   555 EAST MAIN       BURBANK     CA 91505       818-740-8283
4  ACME INCORP.   555 MAIN   BURBANK     CA 91505-4356      740-8283
5  ACME    555 EAST MAIN ST    BURBANK     CA 91505        818-740-8283

By correcting these simple but numerous errors, the database becomes a powerful tool in assessing risk. Insurers are able to quickly access actionable data, which leads to timely assessment of risk and decisions on action. Without clean and agile data, growth and prosperity across both personal and business sectors would be significantly reduced.
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