Independent Organization Assesses Speed, Accuracy of Data Matching Software
HARTFORD, CT – December 6, 2013 – Data scientists from an independent organization have found that Connecticut-based software firm Data Ladder has outperformed several major companies with their record linkage tools.
DataMatch, the flagship software suite of Data Ladder, provides deduplication, standardization, and fuzzy matching technology for companies of all sizes. The study provided results on the match accuracy of several data sets, spanning 40,000 to 4 million records. The match accuracy exceeded all other software tools, including both IBM’s Infosphere QualityStage software as well as SAS Dataflux in all categories.
“Our team has been hard at work the last several years improving matching accuracy, so this is truly exciting news,” said Nathan Krol, founder and CEO of Data Ladder. “At our price point, these types of tools  — once only accessible to large companies with dedicated resources — are now accessible to a wide variety of organizations,” he said.
Tests were completed on data provided by an independent organization and were done using Data Ladder’s proprietary algorithms (no pre-processed algorithmic results were used.) The tests included:
·         Identification of all possible duplicate records within a 10 percent sample file (40,000 records)
·         Identification of all possible duplicate records within a 25 percent sample file (100,000 records)
·         Identification of all possible duplicate records within a full file (400,000 records)
·         A linkage of the full file (400,000 records) to the population file (4 million records)
With the substantial growth in data and data linkage activities over the last several years, there has been increasing demand for independent assessment of performance and suitability of software tools. Evaluations for record linkage software had previously been based on past experiences of the user rather than on the objective, formal evaluation of available products. By being independently confirmed as the company with the highest match accuracy, Data Ladder is well poised for growth in the future.
About Data Ladder
Data Ladder, headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, is a data quality and data cleansing company dedicated to helping you “Get the Most out of Your Data.”  Working with clients such as Hewlett-Packard, Hoover’s, and Cardinal Health, Data Ladder’s suite of data cleansing software is in use across the Fortune 500 and among small and mid-size companies. For more information, please visit or call 866-557-8102.