The new year has been the beginning of a new focus for education and data initiatives. During 2015, education will be looking at new ways to change their business. Over the past few years, especially with the P20 initiatives, education has made significant strides in improving their programs and the strengthening their impact in this country. These programs will continue to be a priority for 2015.

Educators will also be using their data to focus more on newer strategies. These fresh approaches are inventive and refreshing, holding a great deal of promise throughout the system. As a company that focuses on data quality tools, we are interested in seeing these new approaches. Here are 3 ideas that are spinning up for 2015:

  1. Customer Experience on Campus: Instead of focusing data results on how it impacts Administration or IT, the programs will be focused on improving the experience of faculty, staff and students. If it doesn’t save time and improve quality of life for those groups, then it shouldn’t be pursued.
  2. Targeting Promising Students:  By using data, Institutions are now targeting students in junior high school, versus their junior year in high school. Data results will help identify, target and develop these students for future enrollment. At the same time, it will also help identify students who are at risk of dropping out. It is time to change admissions of “seeing who applies” to “find the most capable.”
  3. CIO & Value of the Business: Changing the focus of the CIO from the nuts and bolts of operations to managing the business of education. Institutions must be more flexible and responsive to the needs of the business of education and caring for the consumers of their product.

These three philosophies are by no means the limits of changes sweeping the education business, but definitely will be game changers within the industry. Education is now understanding they are a business and can adapt their data strategies to the “improvement” mode. This change in tide is remarkable.

As education embraces changes in their data strategies, they will require expertise and experience in helping manage these changes through effective data quality tools. The right partner for education is Data Ladder. With the DataMatch Enterprise software firmly leading the way, Data Ladder will be able to make a significant impact in the success of data strategies. Go to Data Ladder and download a free trial of the software.