As we are get ready to welcome in the New Year, let’s reflect on some of the ways Data Ladder has taken our customers to new heights of efficiency.

Show Me the Money

Let’s start off with the blog dated January 4th 2016, where we touched on how important it is to keep records updated and accurate in the financial industry. If errors occur and current records aren’t updated accurately, there can be a significant impact for many people. DataMatch Enterprise can safeguard against errors and keep every computer inside the financial industry running error-free.

The Future of Education Is Now

On February 18th 2016, the blog talked about how the educational system uses big data to make important decisions regarding our future generations’ educational strategies.
Data driven technologies affect our future now. Leaving the groundwork for a better tomorrow is how we create a legacy.
All our products at Data Ladder reflect this credo; we take what we do very seriously. Education is a top priority. The accuracy of big data in the educational industry is vitally important, and DataMatch Enterprise is ready to help clients keep an eye on the future.

A Rose By Any Other Name…

On March 11th 2016, our blog discussed the underrepresention of minorities because their names or nicknames weren’t picked up due to language barriers. With DataMatch Enterprise’s newly expanded nickname feature, nicknames with a different language spelling and even misspelled names will be picked up by our algorithms. The list of names and languages is constantly being expanded on this new feature. This is a great tool in the educational industry, as many minorities go underrepresented and miss out on educational programs that would benefit all.
A new group of interesting name spellings has recently cropped up as people get more creative in naming their babies, so DataMatch Enterprise will continue to expand its name database well into the coming years.
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