Managing gigabytes of data is one of the most important aspects to a company’s ability to run smoothly and efficiently. The accuracy and organization of your data defines the success of your business. Therefore, if your data is weak, then your company could be considered weak. One of the biggest mistakes in business is the inability to keep data clean. Sitting by and hoping it fixes itself is the usual course of action as the job seems overwhelming with no clear start. Unfortunately this has become an epidemic as data continues to become outdated.

Obtaining the right tools is essential in fixing data along with a solid structure to maintain its virtue. More than 75% of employees have access to data that they should not be using. This statistic is frightening due to the fact that your data could be sold and/or compromised if it were to fall into the hands of your competitors.
Detailed Customer Data must be the pulse of your business and should be integrated into all decisions regarding marketing, sales, analytics, demographics, customer experience, supply chain, and all core functions of your organization. Developing a blueprint across an entire enterprise with a clear understanding of what you hope to produce begins with accurate data. If your data is incomplete and inaccurate, all your ideas and strategies will produce subpar results.
Not to long ago, companies were able to get away with fancy cliches, enticing slogans and a generic postcard or flyer delivered in the mail – but in today’s marketplace, the dynamics of marketing to potential clients has changed dramatically. Customers want personalization. They want to feel that you care about them and their business. Their demands and contact information is beyond their address and has now reached into the realm of multiple digital channels. It is seemingly impossible to provide the desired personalization when your data is not up to par.
Without a doubt, bad contact data cripples all your efforts to shape a successful, thriving company. It affects every touchpoint: direct and email marketing, personal interactions at events, social media platforms, and mobile channels. For example, using a woman’s maiden name three years after she has married. If you have duplicate entries, you may be sending the same person multiple copies with the same information. Let alone, do you have the correct address? These mistakes have no place in a strong business model.
You might think these imperfections in data would be a quick fix with today’s technology – well, that’s just not so. Think of a company with millions of data entries and a huge database. Each entry must be scrutinized by software, searched out, compared, and then corrected. Of course this takes time and depending on what software you’re using, it could be months before you see the first results of clean data.
Fortunately, over the last few years, there has been major improvement out of the private sector bringing faster and accurate results. There is one that stands out among the pack, it’s a company out of Suffield, Connecticut called Data Ladder. They have some of the fastest result driven data the industry has seen as the first entries begin to show within the first few minutes of installing the application. Data Ladder’s cutting edge software was built by a group of specialists who have over 500 years of data experience combined.. This amazing team has developed a software solution with a high accuracy rating along with impeccable speeds that drive impressive results.
Data cleaning and verification will continue to be a goal for all the big players across every industry. Using the newest data solutions will lead to growth and high bottom-line revenues. Company executives, Analysis’ and Lead Generating Consultants are now initiating clean data for all effective marketing plans. Organizations are only as good as their data and they must be proactive to fix it and to maintain it. So, do your company and its employees the biggest favor and begin targeting your imperfections by utilizing new technology in data cleansing.