Effective marketing campaigns depend on clean and accurate data.  Fact is that organizations gather enormous amounts of data through various sources within the organization. They have the necessary information at their fingertips, but do not necessarily have the ability to refine and access the data. The potential of failure for organizations become greater the longer they ignore their data integration issues. When using good data, organizations can get the most effective response from their clients and potential customers, thus maximize their marketing potential. With these concepts in mind, let’s look at 4 data principles that will energize your marketing campaign.

We consider the following as the “building blocks” of data to any marketing campaign:

  1. Data Profiling – Assessing the quality, composition and organization of databases.
  2. Data Quality – Known as data cleansing. Takes the profiled data and establishes rules to fix the data.
  3. Data Integration – Merging, linking or merging relationships with existing data.
  4. Data Augmentation – Supplementing existing data with external data sources and services.

With the proper attention to each of the factors, an organization can effectively utilize their data in a marketing campaign that yields results.
In every marketing campaign, an organization would love to reach 100% of their targeted audience. Reality is a cruel judge and the lofty goal of 100% is just not attainable. The accuracy of your data will dictate just how effective your campaign may be. When you look at the ROI of your campaign, you will soon be able to measure whether a strategic data management plan is required for your organization. Is that the right time to evaluate that consideration?
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