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Just like any long-term relationship, keeping your customers happy and loyal takes work and effort. In the business world, there’s even a special term for it — CRM.
Used effectively, a CRM (customer relationship management) system pumps out reliable customer information and gives a company a bird’s eye view of a customer. From customer service to marketing, it gives an organization data to make smart decisions about sales strategies and approaches.
Unfortunately, if the information in a company’s CRM system isn’t accurate, it will not provide a high return on investment. According to, there are three key elements to an effective CRM system: people, process, and technology. While the company itself may directly control the first two elements, some outside help can impact the technology by which the CRM system is managed.
Cleansing software can help streamline your CRM system. Besides input by users, the integrity of a CRM system can be compromised by the input of records from multiple sources, as well as the integration of data between the CRM and other data systems. Cleansing software will clear your system of the duplicates and typographical errors that can make the difference between an optimized CRM system and a non-functional one.
Think of your CRM system as a critical component of your organization’s success. As an ever-evolving process for your organization, your CRM system provides important information on customer behavior.
Keeping it accurate through cleansing software can:

  • Improve customer service efficiency
  • Improve customer profiling and targeting
  • Add cross-sell opportunities
  • Improve closing rates
  • Reduce costs

Let Data Ladder help you manage your CRM system and keep those customers happy. We offer cleansing software solutions for all different types of companies. Contact us for more information.