File Format Integrations

Integrate your files and get the most out of your data with our intuitive approach, whether itu2019s in traditional structured file formats or in XML and JSON to connect your web applications.

Unlock Your Data with File Format Integration

Get the most out of your data by integrating lists in virtually any file format, from delimited sheets to Excel spreadsheets and fixed length files. Regardless of the format you’re maintaining your lists in, DataMatch allows you to easily import them with just a few clicks. Start processing them at unprecedented speeds with our in-memory processing engine. There’s no limit to the number of files you can import at one time for matching and cleansing, both within and across multiple files. If you have web data, you can also integrate XML and JSON formats after exporting them from your web application or service. DataMatch Enterprise’ native file format integration ensures that you can leverage the full intelligence potential of your data, whether you’re a business user or someone from IT. Clean data begins here.

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