Data Ladder Solutions for the Education Industry

By combining and matching disparate data, educators can not only predict how students will perform on standardized tests but also which instructional techniques work best on individual students.

The effectiveness of K-12 education

Data is everywhere, and businesses in every sphere are leveraging it to gain a competitive advantage by understanding processes better, refining them, and enabling better decision-making.

With Data Ladder’s help, both public and private educators are now increasingly realizing the value of data quality and analysis to measure performance, based on prevalent models in big business.

Education institutions gathered data in the past too, but on a very limited scale. The data itself was not properly managed so as to provide effective insight. For example, how can we evaluate a school’s performance if we cannot measure student performance data from their college and how they performed later on? Effective data-driven decision making demands that the right data be collected from the right sources, and then combined to provide intelligence. That’s where we come in.

The Data Ladder Certification Program

Associate Level

10 hours: Demonstrate basic knowledge of the software.

Certified Professional

100 hours: Demonstrate intermediate knowledge of the software.

Certified Master

1,000 hours: Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the software.

Expert Level

10,000 hours: The expert credentials recognize the mastery of the software.

With Data Ladder Training & Certification Services, you can:

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