List Cleaner

Corporate organizations rely on their database for their operations. Lists contribute a large part of any database. To maintain the consistency and accuracy of the database these lists should be periodically inspected and the bugs should be cleaned.

This operation can be effectively handled by an effective list cleaning software like Data Match 2009 and Data Cleaner Pro. These list cleaning software tools inspects the database lists, delete duplicates and inaccurate data items in the lists, there by ensures consistency and accuracy of your database.


Data Cleaner Pro, the list cleaning software deletes the incorrect and duplicate data entries like email addresses, contacts, customer profiles and client manisfests. WordSmith functionality in this list cleaning software identifies and counts unique values in your lists and allows you to replace, delete, or extract values into new fields.

Finally they increase the efficiency and accuracy of the database lists and saves time and money for your organization by the data cleaner. They can manipulate any kind of complex database architecture and ensures the database accuracy of your organization effeciently and cost effectively.