Making the Case for Data Cleansing

If your business happens to be in the global manufacturing industry, it’s no secret that between micro budgets that seem to be getting smaller, and relentless competition, any errors or inefficiency in your data system are unacceptable.
The global manufacturing industry usually has multiple locations or regions, and warehouses that store inventory. Chances are, there are different staff members inputting data to keep track of that inventory.
Because manufacturers deal with different regions, there could be a discrepancy in languages, so your data system begins to create errors.
Technology has come so far so quickly, yet it has failed to standardize its guidelines of communication. Just like in humans, the lack of good communication is a set up for all sorts of problems.
So, what is evidence of low quality data? It includes a few things:
-Clones or duplications
-Incomplete items
-System crashes
-Inability to input due to lack of storage
-Complete system breakdowns

Facing the Music

Low quality data causes companies loss of revenue in the billions; in fact, the Data Warehousing Institute believes that data quality problems cost businesses more than $600 billion each year. To put it in perspective, each second a system is down, it can cost the company thousands of dollars.
If you add growth by company merger or acquisition, now the system has to take on new lyrics to an existing song that is losing its original melody.

The Importance of Data Cleansing

What does data cleansing do?
-Analyzes data
-Detects and deletes or repairs corrupt, duplicates and ill-formatted files
-Develops a new standardized normal for the organization
-Constantly updates to maintain flawless accurate files
-Works 24/7
At Data Ladder, we have a better way to handle all your data cleansing needs and put you in the driver’s seat, saving you thousands of dollars.
We will analyze your data and establish what your specific needs are for your organization. Those needs are based on the industry you are in, as each industry has specific needs exclusive to that industry.
Since we are in the business of data cleansing, our specialists can establish all your particular needs on that initial call. After that initial call, you leave with the best data cleansing software ready to set up on your system.
Believe it or not, if you hire consultants or use an in-house system, you may end up spending more money and time. Studies have shown that companies spend up to $250,000 more when implementing an in-house system.

Data Ladder DataMatch™ Enterprise software is the best in the industry with an extensive built in dictionary, abbreviations, and the most extensive built in nickname list ever created in multiple languages.
DataMatch™ Enterprise does all the work for you and puts you in the driver’s seat, making it the most utilized data cleansing software to date.
At Data Ladder we put our effort into making the best software, so our service is built right into all our software, meaning it works 24/7. It constantly updates and keep your files accurate and organized. For more information or a trial download, please visit our site.
What has happened is, as time passes, those communications in data has yield inconsistent, erroneous data that has cloned itself and cluttered entire systems.