We have seen the dominance across the Internet and cloud of mobile platforms and apps. This proliferation has ushered in the era of big data and data management in marketing and sales field. Small to medium businesses have started to embrace the absolute value of data management in their strategic business plans. The issues have been how to grasp the preponderance of data, mold it into a manageable form and then extract the appropriate indicators necessary to predict future performance.

Facts are clear to all business sectors in 2013 that they must change the way they do business and manage insights gleaned from collected data. In a recent interview, Eron Kelly, general manager of SQL Server at Microsoft stated that:

“Big data can be large tables of structured data, huge files of complex unstructured data or small amounts of machine-generated data that pile up faster than you can make sense of it.”

Business has never gathered so much data before, and that trend will continue to increase. Ultimately, the potential value of this data is almost immeasurable. It is in the way we connect the data and understand that we have arrived at a tipping point in effectiveness of marketing and sales. These sectors are engaging across all spectrums of data management. Surveys indicate that marketing and sales programs are hiring and funding major initiatives in data management. They are developing strategies that capitalize on gathered data sitting at their doorsteps. By learning to replace “guesswork” with empirical data that can accurately predict or forecast, marketing and sales operations are becoming much more agile in the current environment.
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