Mergers & Acquisitions

Fast and Accurate Data Integration is Key to M&A Success

Did you know the failure rate for mergers and acquisitions is somewhere between 70 percent and 90 percent?  Whether it's poor planning, a lack of detailed understanding of both company systems, or not being able to find and execute on low-hanging fruit quickly, there are numerous reasons why this number is so large.

While having the right vision and key players in place is critical, speed and accuracy is also the name of the game. Half of all analytics and data integrations fail, mainly due to their failure to deliver the features and benefits that were originally agreed to at the beginning of a project.


Data Ladder works with clients in streamlining their data integration projects during mergers and acquisitions. Learn more.

Manage your data integration projects with ease.

Data Ladder has been able to help companies decrease M&A data integration times by as much as 55 percent, overachieving synergy targets. Read our recent case studies below.

Fortune 500 Company

After undergoing a major merger, the company needed to combine several data systems from various departments, such as purchasing and treasury. The company realized they couldn’t have their IT department handle merging the systems together while meeting strict timelines.

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U.S. Wholesaler

A leader in business-to-business distribution services, this company provides solutions in several areas, including paper, logistics, and packaging. The company works in several markets, such as manufacturing, food service, and retail.

-Read Case Study

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