Why Minorities are Often Missed in Data Matches

In working with several clients within the education industry, we’ve had many special types of matching requests, specifically in capturing minority names. For our purposes, a minority is defined as an underrepresented group in a population (for example, a person of Japanese descent in Italy or vice versa).

After some research and working through projects, we’ve seen some interesting occurrences:
Names in different groups change more often. In addition, immigrant groups are 2-5 times more likely to change their official government registered surname than average
-Life events occur at different rates within different minority groups. A good example of this is the difference in age at first marriage. Some groups are 2-3 times more likely to be married by the age of 20 than others.
-Women are also more likely to change their last name (70-81%) than men (1-3%) after marriage. Approximately 10 percent of women today are hyphenating their names, or using their original name professionally while changing their name legally, adding another layer of complexity to data matching
-Many nicknames are not understood due to language barriers
From misspellings to nicknames, there are many reasons why your organization may be missing 10% of your matches.
DataMatch Enterprise’s nickname feature will match up a nickname that has the same meaning but has a foreign spelling. The name list built into DataMatch™ Enterprise software has been newly expanded. We constantly test and improve our algorithms and workflow to improve our matching percentage, which remains above the industry average.
When it comes to technology and big data, Data Ladder is the most innovative software company in the tech industry. Their data cleansing software products far exceed any other of its kind on the market.
In 15 different independent studies, DataMatch™ Enterprise by Data Ladder came out on top of the leading cleansing and deduplication software made by IBM and SAS. Studies found as much as 5-10% more matches in record time.

DataMatch™ Enterprise Software is Crucial for Businesses

When running a business and relying on your computer, many errors happen. With the various operating systems and multiple data sets, erroneous duplicates, misspellings and bad matches can occur.
DataMatch™ Enterprise works with your existing software and operating system, ensuring your vital information is kept accurate and translated correctly so all your client lists are matched up, even if names are in another language.
DataMatch™ Enterprise runs and updates automatically, so there isn’t a need for entering manually. Think of it like a vacuum cleaner that can spot dirt, picking it up and keeping your computer running in a pristine matter.
The cherry on top is that Data Ladder has prices that are 80-95% below the competition, with their emphasis on getting their superior products to much needed hands.
Talk to one of our data cleansing specialists today about the benefits of using DataMatch Enterprise.

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