More Than One Way to Skin a Database

I have been a solution manager for Data Ladder for several years and have been fortunate enough to learn more and new ways to use DataMatch 2011 to solve numerous data problems that I never even knew existed. From working with Hospitals analyzing critical data and preventing future chronic illnesses` to your every day saving cash by eliminating duplicates in a post mail campaign, DataMatch 2011 provides a wide array of intergrated tools that allow you to do much more than you would expect.
DataMatch 2011 provides you options to find and eliminate hard to find duplicates but also gives our clients many other cures for common database problems. From getting rid of unwanted characters across thousands and thousands of records to taking a column of data and parsing it out based on specific needs and sending that data to new or existing fields. DataMatch 2011 packs an incredible punch and should be investigated carefully to get the most out of this powerful world class software.
I personally encourage every possible user to ask our sales reps any possible questions that may come to mind or any possible scenario the user may have when it come to specific needs. You may be surprised how many different solutions DataMatch 2011 can provide you.
Manuel Suarez
Sales Manager
[email protected]

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