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We’ve all been there. We try to find a manual or parts for those out of warranty, older appliances, only to be left disappointed and frustrated. After all that working in looking for the part, wouldn’t it just be easier to run down to your neighborhood Best Buy and purchase a brand new, shiny appliance?

The majority of the population would rather buy new, than fix whatever is wrong with the old. Well, as it turns out, the shopper’s mentality might not be entirely your fault.
The various electronic manufacturers make it very difficult for those with an out of warranty piece of electronic equipment to get a part, or even figure out why said item stopped working in the first place.
The manufacturers keep us in the dark. They employ digital locks so that no changes or fixes can be made. They limit access to parts, and many treat their manuals like intellectual property, so if you do come across one on the Internet, you are violating a copyright infringement.
Ever try removing a battery from your iPhone? You can’t!
Well, before you buy anything new, we have complied a short list of websites that might be able to help:
Repair Clinic: this site sells replacement parts for appliances and power tools; also has repair videos.
Fixya: Here you can ask a question on over 19 million products.
iFixit: If you need to fix your cell, tablets, computers or cameras, this is the place.
iCracked: This site can repair your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Samsung Galaxy — anytime, anywhere!
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