Changing education over the past two decades has been a priority in the United States, but the efforts have been limited to standardized testing. The effectiveness of standardized testing is still up for debate, but new focus on performance metrics may be a boost for education. With the implementation of P20 programs and SLDS (Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems), government and education will be able to measure and guide educational programs to the most effective result.

P20 systems will help states collect, coordinate, and use data from K-12 and post-secondary schools to help improve student readiness for college and on the job. This data will help improve system performance, increase efficiencies, and increase transparency.

Business has taken advantage of utilizing data management to ignite growth and prosperity. Virtually every industry imagined, on a global basis, depends on utilizing data management. Government and education systems now see the value of data quality and analysis to measure performance, based on models provided from business. In the past, education gathered data, but on a limited scope and the data itself was not properly managed to provide effective insight. For example, how do we know if a school system is performing if we cannot measure student performance data from their college and business performance? Understanding how they performed in college and subsequently in business leads directly back to the effectiveness of their K-12 education.

, P20 Takes Education Back To The Basics

Knowing the results of the data and being able to properly understand the metrics, educators can significantly impact on the direction of their programs. Governments can use the same data and properly provide budgets that better support schools in their goals. Lastly, P20 programs and SLDS will provide a system of accountability to parents that their children will have an opportunity at a quality education that is worthwhile and useful in the world after high school.

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