Pattern Matching Software

Pattern Matching is a computer-based search operation in which, the input values are treated as specific patterns and are searched for the same in the given database. Pattern matching involves strings of characters to be checked for matching specific pattern.

Pattern Matching technique is widely used to huge databases to resolve search issues. When it involves large databases it is very challenging to search for any particular query exactly. By using pattern matching technique, these issues can be resolved.


So Data Match 2014 uses this pattern matching technique for pattern finding and extracting data patterns. Data Match 2014, the data cleansing software uses regex wizard to quickly identify patterns in text and extract into new fields. For example: Text “3 x 4 x 6” can be extracted into 3 new fields Length = 3, Width =4, and Height = 6

Data Match 2014, also uses this technique for Advanced Telephone number matching. This data cleansing software automatically cleans telephone numbers to improve matching capability. Useful when matching international numbers.


Thus Data Match 2014 stands first among other data cleansing software with these advanced features! Wanna try Data Match 2014?