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In the healthcare industry, regulatory changes can occur at lighting speed as advances are made. It’s no secret that accuracy at all levels is extremely crucial, as people’s lives are at stake. Even a list of names, if put in the wrong category, can be catastrophic.

Let us talk about software so intelligent that it can sense where new and existing data needs to be categorized. ProductMatch by Data Ladder is product data quality software, but it’s so advanced that it can also be described as a service.
To prove our point, we’d like to show you a case study with VitalWare, a healthcare software company. Yes, you heard right, they are a software company and a pioneer in the healthcare industry. VitalWare provides a large percentage of up-to-date information that the healthcare industry uses for coding and document accuracy.
ProductMatch was able to boost the power of the VitalWare software by updating large amounts of terminology and then using this terminology in their existing data. ProductMatch was able to to improve accuracy in record time without the need of manual intervention; in other words, this was done automatically, saving VitalWare production time, translating to increased revenue.
Read the original case study. For more information about ProductMatch, speak to one of our data specialists or visit our website for more information.