ProductMatch Test

Leading the Charge in Product Data Cleansing

Data Ladder has been helping medium and large businesses with their data quality needs. Using sophisticated semantic technology, ProductMatch allows users to cleanse and manage their product data more easily and efficiently.


From Product Data Cleanup to Governance

Unstructured data unfortunately brings a lack of clarity and can become unmanageable very quickly. This can leave customers without the important information they need to conduct business in a smart manner. ProductMatch gets your unstructured data right, managing your data quality, data integration and data governance tasks.

Making Human Decisions at Computer Speed

ProductMatch uses semantic and machine learning technologies to recognize and change difficult and complex product data from multiple sources. Our contextual recognition tools enable the user to integrate data more efficiently. From cleanup to consolidation, ProductMatch will get your data right.

Affordable and Easy to Use

Data Ladder’s software tools are affordable and easy to use for the first-time user unfamiliar with data quality tools. To learn more about our services, call us at 866-557-8102 or contact us through our website.