Products DataCleaner

Version: 2.4.1
Platforms:Windows XP/2003/Vista
Compatible File Formats: Excel (Including 2007), Access (Including 2007), mysql, Text
(.txt, .csv), dbf, and SQL Server 2000 & 2005

Data Cleaner
The complete data quality, cleaning, matching and de-duplication software in one easy to use software suite. Clean your mailing lists, databases, excel spreadsheets and more with comprehensive data cleaning modules, then match or deduplicate your data with advanced technology previously available only in high end customized software solutions.


Marketing: Increased Results from Your Marketing Efforts. By maintaining clean customer lists, Data Cleaner 2011 will help you:

  • > Clean data: Save time and avoid embarrassing customer situations with cleansed data.
  • > Increase the accuracy of your customer or other data: business or consumer, local or international.
  • > Reduce postage and mailing costs by eliminating duplicates from your database using advanced matching technology.
  • > Product Comparisons: Compare your product catalog to the competition, quickly determining where the gaps and opportunities are.
  • > Product hierarchies: Use the comprehensive data parsing feature to scan product descriptions and create new product hierarchies quickly and easily.


Save time integrating legacy systems and cleaning data. Cut months off of new system implementations.

New Business Acquisitions:

Quickly combine customer, vendor, and sales lead information saving valuable integration time.

Designed to be used by anyone and any business:

Data Cleaner 2009 can be used by anyone, not just IT professionals. With its straightforward interface and powerful features it is ideal for solving data quality problems in:

  • > Marketing/ Category Management
  • > Information TechnologyT
  • > Retail
  • > Financial Services like Banking, insurance, and investment companies.
  • > Schools/Colleges/Universities.
  • >..and any organization that has data quality or matching issues.