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Data Matching Software: Benefits for the Business User

The importance of data matching cannot be emphasized enough in today’s business environment. Major advances in the accuracy of the data matching process have propelled the ease of use among business users. The benefits for a business are numerous:

- Gives users a single customer view
- Helps companies stay compliant with industry regulations
- Can identify duplicate records in customer files
- Drive and optimize marketing efforts

What is Data Matching Software?

Generally speaking, the definition of data matching refers to the ability to identify and merge related or corresponding records together from different sources. The main goal in data matching is to have information connect together that is accurate. The main steps involved in data matching include indexing, record comparison, classification, and quality identification.

A few of the data matching techniques Data Ladder uses includes:

1. Creation of a data profile of your data set, which includes graphical representations of data quality and duplicate estimates

2. Parsing and standardizing address or any type of raw text information

3. Identifying duplicates within and across multiple files with multiple simultaneous definitions of duplicates

4. Email cleansing: Identifying typos in email addresses and offering automated corrections

5. Complete counts of all text combinations within a data set

6. Merge / Purge capability based on your survivorship (what records should survive / have precedence) rules.

Data Ladder’s comprehensive data matching services can match disparate sources from different data sets. Through special algorithms, our data matching software can identify variations in name formatting and spelling, address differences, and other incomplete information. Our advanced fuzzy matching algorithms can accommodate up to 100 million records.

DataMatch Enterprise

DataMatch Enterprise, Data Ladder’s flagship data matching software, can help users detect all possible matches. With DataMatch Enterprise, users can:

1. Detect and link records within and between data sets with multiple customizable fuzzy match techniques

2. Identify and remove duplicates

3. Import and export from Excel, Access, Text Files, ODBC, and other file types.

4. Clean data with Data Ladder’s special updated libraries on nicknames, abbreviations, states, advanced pattern recognition and more

5. Correct and clean email addresses

6. Parse addresses, email, and other data with customizable parsing tools

7. See graphical reports on the number of records with potential linkages

We have worked with several clients across various industries on their data matching needs. From education and healthcare to music and apparel, learn how we have helped businesses of all sizes solve their data matching challenges. Read more on our case studies page.

Data Ladder is the world leader in data matching software. We help businesses across the Fortune 500 use data quality tools effectively to make smarter decisions for their business. In a recent independent study, Data Ladder’s data matching software DataMatch Enterprise outperformed companies such as IBM and SAS on both accuracy and speed.

DataMatch Enterprise is the best data matching software suite available on the market today. Download a free trial today, or get in touch with our data matching specialists to get a free consultation for your business.



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