Product Data Cleansing

Unstructured data unfortunately brings a lack of clarity and can become unmanageable very quickly. This can leave data stewards without the important information they need to conduct business in a smart manner.

Streamline and automate your product data more efficiently. ProductMatch by Data Ladder automates the creation of reliable data for businesses with semantic technology that translates unstructured data into standardized information that makes sense.

Quickly categorize content from multiple sources into a standardized format. ProductMatch is the perfect tool for maintaining large volumes of product data. Whether you’re classifying products or creating product cross references, ProductMatch is ideal for products, parts, and other unstructured data.

ProductMatch allows users to:

    • – Perform bulk edit
    • – Automate product classification from multiple sources
    • – Apply data quality validation rules
    • – Create and export rules and actions
    • – Find and define hierarchical relationships
  • – Deduplicate and standardize data


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