Case Study

See how Data Ladder helped streamline a Fortune 500 merger by rapidly cleaning and integrating data to beat their deadline by 2 months and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

Company Profile

A multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company recently underwent a major merger with another company similar in size.

Business Situation

Problems and inconsistencies naturally exist with every data set but until integration occurs these often go unnoticed. The company realized they needed to be able to instantly profile their data and understand the issues. In order to do this data merge effectively, a tool was needed that could rapidly explore the data and find duplicates. Since five systems were being integrated into one, the tool also needed to be able to rapidly merge data from these separate entities.

Our Solution


Using DataMatch Enterprise™, Data Ladder’s flagship data deduplication software, the company was able to identify and resolve data quality issues in a rapid manner.

The solution provided users with an intuitive graphical interface to explore their data and locate issues they had never seen before with just a couple of clicks.


Beat your project deadlines

DataMatch Enterprise™ enabled the organization to beat their deadlines by two months. Locating major data issues early on helped alleviate a lot of stress in the merging process.
With the time savings, the company was able to synergize their processes in terms of productivity and cost reduction, enabling the organizations to learn about each other better.

Locate more matches

While undergoing the data matching process, users were also able to locate 25% more matches than with the more expensive and difficult to use software.

Increase your ROI

As a result, the ROI has been enormous. The company has been able to realize several hundred thousand dollars in additional synergies compared to plan.

Ability to identify and resolve data quality issues

Explore data and locate issues

Reduce and avoid time and frustration

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