Case Study

See how global marketing firms leverage DataMatch Enterprise’ best-in-class fuzzy matching and enterprise-grade data cleansing capabilities to streamline mergers and acquisitions and reduce effort and costs drastically.

Company Profile

Global private markets firm that provides customized investment and advisory solutions to some of the most sophisticated investors in the world.

With billions of dollars in capital allocations, including billions in assets under management, they cover the spectrum of opportunities in private markets.

Business Situation

A Monitoring and Reporting Director’s team needed to find a similarity between multiple large lists and record databases.

They were at the beginning stage of this new process and found that there were a wide number of large-scale companies and record matchings to execute, across two different, complex systems.

Our Solution

DataMatch Enterprise™ helped them come up with multiple rounds of probable matches quickly and translate the results into a format where they could manually and easily see the matched exported results.

Despite access to this ability, they still prefer to go and manually verify the results – even those that scored 100%. They were able to compare the different dimensions of data, between the 2 datasets and a matched format.

Quickly come up with multiple rounds of probable matches

Compare the different dimensions of data, between datasets, and matched format

Export results in a variety of formats like Oracle, Txt, MySQL, CSV, among others


Clean, Match, and Export into Any Format

They appreciated that DataMatch Enterprise™ software is quick and enables matching on multiple dimensions. The company can export their data in a variety of formats and organize it, bringing fields and columns between each of the lists.

Deep data cleansing can be performed alongside the data matching process. Finally, the library feature allows the user to find and extract common suffixes before the matching process.

Our Customers

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