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See how a major state’s Department of Education required a 95% data match in order to qualify for the USDA  $1 million grant for a national school lunch program. 

Company Profile

A major state’s Department of Education required a 95% data match in order to qualify for a USDA 1 million USD grant for a national school lunch program. 

Business Situation

Getting a 95% data match accuracy is one of the biggest challenges with this project. The reason? Most standard market solutions have a data match accuracy of only 85%. With DataMatch Enterprise, the client would be getting a 96% data match.

Our Solution

DataMatch Enterprise was the perfect solution, offering a 96% match accuracy. Along with data match, data profiling and data standardization was also used to ensure consistency across multiple data sources.

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96% Data match.

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Fast, easy-to-use and secure.

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Easy integration with 150+ data platforms.


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With DataMatch Enterprise, the client was able to implement a set standard for address formats and accurately match them.

The department was able to perform a cross-jurisdictional data match from multiple sources. Cross-jurisdictional matching remains one of the most significant challenges for governments due to the limitations of using unique identifiers.

Identity resolution, another significant challenge for government instituitions was achieved through the use of DataMatch Enterprise’s powerful data duplication and data matching features.


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