Case Study

See how Medplaya enhanced their customer success programs with DataMatch Enterprise™, easily finding appropriate matching criteria to consolidate customer information to improve the experience.

Company Profile

MedPlaya is a hotel chain with locations at many of the most popular beach resorts in mainland Spain. We have been looking after guests in our hotels for over four decades, always adapting to changing needs and trends. Our aim is to provide excellent value for money while ensuring that our guests have a great time staying with us.

Business Situation

EDP was looking at managing the data correctly. Their database was very tidy, got many duplicates, and the customer information wasn’t complete.

The challenge to overcome was how to find the key matching criteria to get rid off the duplicates and create a golden record. With thousands of records to manage and multiple criteria to match, the process would be very time-consuming and threaten the timeliness and process of the company.

They also wanted to update all the information since their guests were accessing the “Amigo Card” fidelity program.

Our Solution

DataMatch Enterprise™ not only gave them the opportunity to reduce the time spent in processing information, but our support team was also able to help them to find the appropriate matching criteria to consolidate the information.

They are now hoping to increase and improve their communication skills with their customers having the information up to date.


DataMatch Enterprise ™ not only gave them the opportunity to reduce the time spent in processing information, it gave them the advantage of being able to improve their customer success program “Amigo Card”.

Decrease labor hours.

Enhance their data base, remove the duplicates, and enrich their customer information.

Create a golden record.

Our Customers

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