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Using Data Ladder’s record linkage tools, companies that are undergoing mergers are able to recognize synergies faster, reduce cost of manual labor, and cut down project timelines significantly.

Increasing and Recognizing Synergies Faster

Data Ladder’s best-in-class software tools help companies quickly and easily integrate their data, helping them speed up the time it takes to get the synergies of each organization working smoothly.

Companies that have recently gone through acquisitions are able to quickly and thoroughly merge data, increasing and realizing synergies ahead of schedule. These companies realize data integration synergies 50% sooner than typical integrations.

From best- in- class matching to identifying common pain points caused by data matching, DataMatch Enterprise helps companies that are undergoing acquisitions by streamlining system integration and migration, identifying 10-35% more matches.

Data Ladder’s powerful software empowers the business user and is very easy to use. We work with many Fortune 500 companies and state and federal institutions, including the Department of the Treasury.

Making the Case for Software Solutions

Data quality tools can help speed up a merged company’s IT efforts. From functionality to scalability, data quality tools can make the difference during mergers and acquisitions.

Companies that are undegoing mergers benefit from using record linkage tools such as DataMatch Enterprise, helping them meet business goals without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new configurations.

With the use of data quality tools, newly merged companies can realistically knock off about one month of their intended timeframe for aligning synergies.

All of our clients find unknown data issues within 5 minutes and are able to home in on those records with our Instant Data Profiler, helping them understand new and current data sets quickly.

More visually oriented platform which provides a more user-friendly experience

DataMatch Enterprise™ includes scalable configurations

DataMatch Enterprise™ enables real-time fuzzy, intelligent search of your databases

DataMatch Enterprise™ offers a more visually oriented platform which provides a more user-friendly experience, allowing the user to filter and customize the tool for their ease. In addition to standardization libraries, DataMatch Enterprise™ includes scalable configurations for deduplication and record linking, suppression, enhancement, and extraction.

DataMatch Enterprise™ enables real-time fuzzy, intelligent search of your databases quickly and easily. As the world’s best record linkage software, it can enable search functions as well as develop a single customer view. All of these efforts ultimately result in dollars saved.

Post Merger Procurement Savings

Once data sources are merged from the separate companies, the benefits in dollars saved become more apparent. By locating major data issues early on and saving time, the merging companies are able to synergize their processes in terms of productivity and cost reduction and will enable both organizations involved in the merger to understand each other more quickly.

Cost benefits are most often seen within vendor management, where procurement is a big piece of the money savings as seen in the graph. Developing best practices in sourcing products and services serve as the optimal way to provide these savings, but often the first step is to have accurate, linked data sources from both companies.

Post Merger Procurement Savings

It is evident that no solution has 100% match accuracy, as seen in this chart. Benchmarked in 15 different studies, DataMatch Enterprise was proven to find on average 5-12% more matches than comparable solutions from leading software vendors, IBM and SAS.

DataMatch Enterprise™ can handle many of the issues that compromise your data systems. Our system is scalable – even with large datasets, and information can be analyzed at lightning-fast response times. Our platform is a robust approach to making imperfect data usable.

Making the right connections with any type of data, DataMatch Enterprise™ can correct many data quality issues, from spelling errors to redundancies.

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