Case Study

See how Data Ladder helped a leading music license company collect music royalties by matching in-house data for the songs and artists they represent against external playlists, enabling the company to expand rapidly.

Company Profile

The profield organization is a leading music license royalties company that manages the performance rights for many of today’s top Billboard recording artists. The company provides modern solutions for copyright management, licensing, surveys, and distribution of public performance royalties.

Business Situation

The company handles the music licensing for many of today’s top recording artists. Managing all the different platforms where their client’s music plays is an enormous task due to the popularity of the artists.

Every month, the company receives millions of playlists from every platform, from Pandora and Spotify to the thousands of radio stations across the country and around the world. These playlists include names of the artists, song titles and the number of times the given song was played. .

The problem is that with so many different platforms, they receive the data in all different formats. Some names may be abbreviated or there may be punctuation errors. It is vital to link all of the data together accurately because this is how their clients are paid. The company was using Excel, which is not only time-intensive but not always accurate. If the company were to lose one client due to inaccuracies, it could cost them a considerable amount due to the client’s potentially high profile. .

Our Solution

DataMatch Enterprise™ provided an immediate solution to this ongoing issue of matching millions of records. They use the software once a month to link all of the data together accurately.


With the best in class data cleansing and deduplication capabilities, combined with customized training by Data Ladder specialists, the client was not only able to keep their data accurate but was also able to maintain a high level of data quality needed to migrate into their new financial and HR systems.

Saved an enormous amount of time.

Matching software played a huge factor in the company’s growth.

Revenue-generating solution.

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