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With Data Ladder, TurnKey Marketing is able to match sales with the multitude of potential prospects they speak to on a daily basis, enabling them to receive sales credit for each lead.

Company Profile

TurnKey Auto Events conducts high-volume car buying campaigns for automotive dealers nationwide. They produce events that compel car buyers to attend and purchase vehicles.

The company leverages existing dealer data and customer lists and use proven campaign strategies that not only produce sales but build a brand and name awareness in YOUR local market.

With over 100 years of automotive sales and marketing experience from manufacturer to the local dealer level, our professional automotive staff has implemented successful sales event campaigns for hundreds of dealers nationwide.

Business Situation

As a service provider that provides sales leads for automotive vendors, TurnKey Marketing was looking to receive credit for additional sales procured with the various dealerships they partner with.

By being able to match sales with the multitude of potential prospects they speak to on a daily basis, they are able to receive sales credit (and earn money) for each lead.

They currently use Microsoft Excel to manage an enormous amount of data and customer information. Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t have many options to match and separate data efficiently. Deduplication was also an issue.

Our Solution

Using DataMatch™, Data Ladder’s sophisticated data matching product, the company was able to match records from several sources. From there they were able to create a bird’s eye view of a potential car sale over time. This was accomplished in several ways:

1. Saved time on removing duplicates, matching lists, and data cleaning activities.
2. Combined and matched records across multiple lists in a quicker fashion.

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Time-saving solution

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Match records across multiple lists

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Do some business intelligence


The best in class fuzzy matching capabilities

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With the best in class fuzzy matching capabilities, combined with customized training by Data Ladder specialists, TurnKey Marketing was finally able to identify matching records: something they were unable to do before. They were finally able to match actual sales at dealerships with customers they had previously spoken to.

Save Time and increase in revenue

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With the ability to dedupe information quickly and efficiently, they are able to save time. They anticipate seeing an increase in revenue as they continue to clean up their databases.


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