Case Study

See how a major healthcare company streamlined classification of medical terminology, applying rules and definitions to complex data across the board for standardization in bulk.

Company Profile

Since 2011, VitalWare™ has been making the business of healthcare easier for its growing roster of healthcare partners. VitalWare’s mid-cycle revenue product portfolio is the healthcare industry’s best solution for providing visibility and continuity in chargemaster management, documentation, charge capture, and regulatory code references.

From the beginning, VitalWare™ founders have been laser-focused on helping providers manage the ever-changing world of regulatory medical content and providing software solutions to enable teams to work more efficiently – saving time and money.

Business Situation

The organization needed to classify a large amount of medical terminology among varied data sets but had been manually performing the process which slowed things down.

Their goal was to automate the process in a quicker and more consistent manner. With accuracy being such an important part of their business, maintaining a high level of standardization was also very important for VitalWare. It was critical to be able to have a data software tool that could apply rules and definitions to information across the board.

Our Solution

ProductMatch™ provided a quicker and more efficient solution for VitalWare. The company was able to run a large amount of medical terms through their varied data sets by automating the process they had once done manually and applied rules and definitions more easily and on a larger scale.

ProductMatch™ provides a quicker and more efficient solution

The company increased the level of standardization never achieved before

Improve significantly the speed of the process


Data standardization at unprecendented speeds

Leveraging ProductMatch™ capabilities, the company was able to have a level of standardization never achieved before with the manual process. They also significantly improved the speed at which they were going through their data.

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