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For new retailers that are experiencing explosive growth, the need to understand and embrace data and analytics is quickly becoming a must do for their continued success. While launching and building a new brand, their focus needs to remain locked on the start-up phase; it isn’t until later that the need for data quality tools suddenly becomes clear.

To continue capitalizing on the meteoric success of start-up growth, these new start-ups are looking at four elements where analytics can help in their infancy:

  1. Optimize Merchandising Strategy: Gaining insight and focusing limited resources on what sells and how to convert customers.
  2. Increase Order Value: Quickly exposing existing customers to new products, converting loyalty into deeper sales.
  3. Identifying Low Performing Products: Quickly identify and respond to low performing merchandise, making room for products customers engage with.
  4. Revenue Growth: Targeting and segmenting existing customers and general audience with new promotions, ads and loyalty perks.

The overall challenge during start-up phase is to keep the sky-rocketing growth trajectory on track, without losing what was already developed. Most start-ups don’t consider data quality tools as a key part of business development, or simply cannot afford to fund those programs. Rarely do you find a new retailer with the forethought or funding to have a Data Scientist on staff during start-up. However, more are learning that data quality tools are crucial to their success and are finding ways to implement data analytics as part of their initial start-up process.
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