If you spend some time surfing the web, then you know that you will start seeing ads for the products or services appear on every platform you use. It can be irksome! It makes most very uncomfortable knowing their every move or purchase is tracked, then turned back to them in the form of a marketing campaign. It makes most people very uncomfortable. For businesses, this is the way to use data and digital platforms to their most effective end. The problem is that for major industries, this is a cold and impersonal approach that turns off consumers. This is the arena where small business can change things for the better, and turn a negative into a positive customer interaction.
, Small Business: Get In The Data Business, You Have The Advantage
We understand how small business needs to harness the power of their data, since we help them manage the quality of their data with our data cleansing, fuzzy matching, and deduplication services.
Small business can harness their data and use the information to make unhappy customers absolute fans. Because of their smaller scale, they can reach out to customers and personalize all interactions. If a customer had a bad experience and writes a scathing Yelp review, a small business owners can track that interaction and immediately get in front of the customer to resolve the problem. Because of that personal and timely interaction, they can quickly convert a negative in a positive, making a loyal customer that can create repeat business and a referral stream.  Here are four talking points that outline the small business advantage:

  1. Data Drives Personalized Service: Can resolve issues in personal in a timely manner. Customers hate having their problems addressed in a Twitter stream.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Data: Digital and social tools give the power to small business without incurring the significant costs of large scale programs.
  3.  Trust, But Verify: Test your assumptions and respond quickly. Small business is much more in tune with their actual business model and can quickly change course as needed.
  4.  Think Of It As Intelligence: With the proliferation of digital data, there is a new type of warfare for small business. Use the data to protect your assets and fight off the competition. The trend seems to be planting false or negative reviews on digital platforms to sabotage your business. Small business can be more responsive and effective in dealing with these threats.

Small business can embrace data and outpace the giants very quickly. Combining the power of data analytics with the ability to personally interact with customers can make all the difference. In small business, success is a “game of inches” and opportunities pass in a split second. Data Ladder is the perfect partner for small business. Our DataMatch software is the ideal product for small business. It provides accurate and timely results in an affordable manner.
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