There’s no time like the present. Planning for the future and thinking bigger, even if your business is considered small, is actually scientifically savvy.

So, what is considered a small business? For our purposes, we will define a small business as a company with revenue less than 7 million.
Having a small business (especially one that relies on data usage) needs to employ the same processes as your larger counterpart. The needs are the same regardless of the size. Let’s take the need for data space. Since a small business is starting out on a smaller scale, it is all relative. A good example would be to go back to 1963, when bread cost 22 cents but the average yearly income was $5,807.
Another great reason to start thinking big now is so a business owner can develop the correct mindset without being overwhelmed, so taking baby steps is essential.
What are some of the solutions used by big business to progress?
Analytics, as seen in the movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt, have often been used in sports to predict if a player is worth signing on. In business, it could be described as a scientific way to make a decision. Facts and statistics give proven results, thus increasing the chances of success.
Using cloud data and conforming to the accepted standards can increase your knowledge twofold. Many times, small business owners use abstract measures to run their business, which doesn’t fare well, because data can get lost and mishandled. There is only one place where abstract belongs, and that is in art!
Using current technologies, along with the use of social media can increase the size of your business quickly. Don’t get stuck in a time warp: today’s business moves fast.
Data Ladder, known for its data quality tools for big business, now wants small businesses to reap the same benefits. DataMatch from Data Ladder can give your business that much needed boost, increasing productivity and increasing revenue. This is true, regardless of the size of your business. The money you save is equal to the money you will make.
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