, So How Do Companies Manage Millions of Different Products?

When was the last time you shopped for office supplies? If it has been awhile, head on down to your local big box office store and pick out a few items. But on this trip, slow down a bit and take a closer look around you. What you will find is big data and data management ALL around you. As a matter of fact, without an amazing data management system, “OfficeWhatever” would not be able to provide you with an amazing experience and you would probably leave rather frustrated. As a customer, your shopping experience depends strongly on data management.

Let’s dive into this just a bit deeper. Once you start your shopping experience at “OfficeWhatever,” make your first stop in writing instruments. When you find the section, step back and gaze at the overwhelming selection available. In front of you are over 1,000 products, each with a very specific item number. After browsing for a while for that very special pen, with just the right tip and a multitude of colors, you cannot find your favorite. Well, at that point, you have no worries… just stop one of those twenty-something happy helpers and inquire about your pen. If that helper has worked there more than a week, they will be able to grab a wireless toy, scan the tag on the empty shelf and they will be able to provide you with a plethora of information to make you happy. They will be able to tell you how much the pen will be, whether they have it in the back, at another store closer or somewhere in their regional management system. You will then have the option to travel to a store close by or they can order that pen for you on the spot and guarantee a quick delivery. This entire transaction can be completed in minutes, and you will then be free to continue shopping or wander over to the nearby “CoffeeBucks” for a cup of your favorite joe.

Without having an exceptional data cleansing system working in their establishment, your experience at ”OfficeWhatever” would have left you frustrated and pining for your favorite pen and that store would have lost a sale or possibly your future patronage. For them, it is all worth it and will keep a customer happy and coming back. Now, we just talked about writing instruments, but remember, they have hundreds of thousands of items and they all can be handled the same quick and efficient way. All that service and satisfaction depends on product data management.

Whether you’er shopping for office supplies or diapers, take a closer look around you during your next big box experience and you may get to witness data management in action. If you are inspired to have that level of service and efficiency in your business, stop by Data Ladder and see how their data cleansing tools can help you. Your exceptional service is just a click away and starts with a free download.