St. John Associates Case Study

DataMatch Enterprise saved hundreds of data cleansing and data Matching hours each year

After having looked at several competitive solutions, St. John Associates settled on DataMatch Enterprise as their tool of choice. A key factor in the decision was ease of use. The other products were too complex or too cumbersome for an end-user to use in an efficient way.

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The white paper will help you:

Learn how DataMatch cleans records for multiple sources.

See the benefits of integrating with DataMatch Enterprise. 

Explain how to remove special characters, spaces and more with our data cleansing module.

Learn how to combine and match records across multiple lists. Create unique IDs quicker.

See how to combine and match records accross multiple lists.

DataMatch Enterprise™ was much easier to use than the other solutions we looked at. Being able to automate data cleaning and matching has saved us hundreds of person-hours each year.

Shelley Hahn – Business Development