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With much of the software available in today’s market typically dealing with structured data, we saw a void in the market for dealing with unstructured, varied data. There is becoming more of a need for usable data and a tool that can improve product management rhythms. Product data is oftentimes the common issue in problems with usability, because it needs to be standardized and localized.

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Data Ladder has been helping medium and large businesses with categorizing and extracting their product data. Using sophisticated semantic technology, ProductMatch allows users to cleanse and manage their product data more easily and efficiently.



-Automotive: client was able to collect extract structured attributes for part descriptions, identify duplicate items based on descriptions, which reduced inventory.

-Manufacturing: client was able to cross-reference several types of industrial parts to the competition, leading to a 5% increase in price. The part numbers were interpreted and classified, easily enabling identification. This ultimately helped to reduce inventory and increase sales.

-Ecommerce: client benefited from a 10% increase in sales due to improved searchability, causing an improvement in transaction size in the shopping cart.


ProductMatch 3.1 by Data Ladder automates the creation of reliable data for organizations with semantic technology that translates unstructured data into standardized information that makes sense.

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PM-Heirarchy Paragraph View copyProductMatch is specifically designed to uncover the hidden relationships, learn from past experiences with artificial intelligence, and create hierarchical categorization on top of unstructured data. Costing 80 percent less than comparable systems, ProductMatch provides both value and ease for users. Initial training time required is just four hours, as compared to a two week training period for other platforms. The latest version also gives clients the ability to deduplicate and match millions of records, and provides versatility for use across several industries, including retail and healthcare.


-Semantic recognition of structured and unstructured data

-Can match, cleanse, govern, and validate product data from any source

-Integrated governance capabilities for data stewards and product specialists

-Includes advanced classification and translation capabilities

-Advanced semantic matching capabilities

-Ability to import/export the entire project

-Ability to manage multiple projects

-Ability to import/export the entire project

-New paragraph view available

-Ability to share rules

-Major performance enhancements for larger data sets


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Perfect for those working in distribution, manufacturing, retailing, and sourcing, ProductMatch helps those who work with attribute-rich data. Whether its search term parsing or language translation, product data that is usable will improve operational efficiencies to maximize sales and provide a better experience for customers.

ProductMatch is an excellent tool to deal with matters related to ICD-10, as well as healthcare billing and coding. Handling massive amounts of information in short period of time, ProductMatch offers robust semantic technology that automates a time-consuming process. Our contextual recognition tools enable the user to integrate data more efficiently – and without the headaches. Schedule an appointment today with one of our ProductMatch specialists and get on track with usable data!

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