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At first glance, the thought of our government embracing the power of data is a bit terrifying. A healthy suspicion of the government has been nurtured in this country since the birth of the republic. Add to that, with justified concerns over privacy issues between government and its citizens, one can easily understand why Americans may take pause when they hear that the government is harnessing the power of data.

The fact is, now is the right time for government to take the lead and harness the power of big data. With the digital infrastructure, government is in a position to have access to more data than possibly may be imaginable. With the proper programs in place to protect privacy, that data could be put to use in ways that are almost mind boggling. Imagine the impact these programs could have, when used in conjunction with state governments. The possibilities are endless! We could see the effectiveness of education, healthcare and social programs increase to a level never before imagined. The cost savings alone could reestablish the economic power of the United States and place this country into a growth trajectory that could be phenomenal. Americans could enjoy better services, delivered in an efficient manner and paid for with taxes that bit into their budgets significantly less.

Possibilities of these programs are exciting government now more than ever. As we struggle with more complex issues in government, the natural solutions to the crucial issues must be addressed through data quality programs. Implementation must come through a system of checks and balances, with the support of the American people. It is closer today than ever before and we owe this exploration our support and full confidence.

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