Everywhere you look these days, business is firmly embracing the wave of data management. Time and time again, the facts clearly demonstrate that effective and efficient data cleansing and data management provides a significant boost to the bottom line for companies across the globe. Business experiences millions in savings and significant advantage in their sector.

One sector that is somewhat hidden in the data management deluge is the restaurant and food industries. Even though most don’t see the impact, folks in those sectors clearly understand the need to properly and effectively manage their data.

 , The Recipe For Success in the Restaurant Industry

If you look at the profile of Datassential, a leading menu research firm, with offices in Los Angeles and Chicago, you’ll see they offer studies in various product categories, such as food items and ingredients. Their research also includes data on dishes and menu items that include appetizers and sides, entrees, desserts and beverages. This data is critical to a restaurateur, who requires this data to keep their menus current and responsive to customer needs, while maintaining creativity and lowering food costs. Without accurate and responsive data, restaurateurs would struggle with satisfying customers’ expectations and remaining competitive in a sector that runs at the speed of light!    

Datassential found a valuable in Data Ladder, who was able to provide the company with software that was able to run multiple match definitions at a very quick speed, and found the usability unparalleled with other software suites on the market.

“What helps me is the speed and the multiple match definitions [of DataMatch Enterprise]. We were also able to decrease our labor hours and improve accuracy.”
Becky Farmer
Senior Manager, Special Data Projects

Data Ladder software is the right fit for this sector and provides a tasty match for their every need. For more information on how Data Ladder’s data cleansing tools helped Datassential, check out our latest case study.