The Zen of DataMatch Enterprise

The five thousand-year-old ancient art of feng shui has made another incarnation, this time as software. Well…not really, but what this software does is akin to feng shui’s first step, which is to declutter and organize.

DataMatch Enterprise will single-handedly speed up productivity by getting rid of duplicates and organizing data where it makes the most sense. It will lighten the caseload on your database, thus making your computer function much faster.
In feng shui, the first rule is if you haven’t used it, get rid of it. In your business database, good file keeping is an essential part of good business practice. The problem is that duplicates and redundancies can clutter up your database.
Another problem that can wreak havoc on your company’s database are spelling errors. Many times a computer will think that a misspelling is another completely new entry; DataMatch Enterprise will clear that up too and put the correct information together.
The art of feng shui and decluttering has been linked to being more productive and energized. So much of that is true when it comes to your business’ database. Think about it — even your computer runs slow when it is full of excess data that you just don’t need.
Today’s technology is progressive and up to the minute, but the problems are as ancient as time. Since most of the junk or redundancies are stored in your database and isn’t physical matter, the junk problem is even worse than you can imagine.
Don’t let the clutter get out of hand. Get in touch with one of our data specialists and ask for a free demo of DataMatch Enterprise software.

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