New digital technologies and the internet have pushed out a new dimension of knowledge globally. The democratization of it has impacted development and growth even in the most remote and less advantaged communities around the world. That means that we all have access to an innumerous amount of information, books, articles, and videos are exposed to higher levels on a daily basis everywhere. According to the early forecast of Gordon Earle Moore, co-founder of Intel, more than 50 years ago the growth of information would be consistently doubled each year, so far it is still valid.  
We are evolving in different and unexpected ways, due to the constant stimulation and fast pace learning. How we are communicating with each other and changing tasks frequently, is ultimately changing how businesses are growing at an accelerated rate.

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Could you be a Data Scientist?

Forbes calls Data Science ‘the century’s hottest career’. But do you know what it is about?
Many can state different definitions and skills of what a Data Scientist should have. Some mention a deep understanding of Mathematics and Statistics, System Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Mining or Wrangling. Others say that a Data Scientist has to have an eclectic spirit and an overall deep knowledge that allows them to succeed in this new field.
The truth is that no one has yet to have the last word on this. It is always changing and adjusting to the reality and needs of each company. In fact, a Data Scientist must be an experienced Data Analyst with good intuition and understanding of the business. IBM predicts that the demand for Data Scientists will increase in 28% by 2.020.

Stepping ahead.

Don´t underestimate your own natural capabilities, they are hidden where you less expect them to be. On a daily basis, you already calculate probabilities very fast, adjust if needed, calculate distances, speed, predict if something is going to happen around you, and all in a matter of seconds. This happens without you even noticing, every time you cross a street, walk in a crowded place or catch a ball you are calculating.
Even if you´re not a Ph.D. mathematician, a Systems Engineer or Data expert, you are very much capable of calculating, predicting and stepping ahead. As a matter of fact who else besides you, can know your business and use those skills for your own benefit.

Taking advantage of new tools.

Today the fourth industrial revolution comes with new kinds of data and tools. One of the most needed are the ones intended to improve the quality of information and databases, a primary resource for any Data Scientist.
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