Every year in Las Vegas the most important technology trade event takes place gathering more than 150,000 visitors to witness the latest on technology and showcasing the hottest tech innovations worldwide.

Picture credit: Kent German/CNET
This year was no exception, ZDNet forecasts 3 leading trends for this year ahead:

AI = Smart.

We have heard that AI has been empowering many offices. AI will take over cities, homes, and car businesses and prevail in all these areas. According to Forbes, “By 2035 AI technologies have the potential to increase productivity 40% or more.”


As AI, IoT will continue to expand its reach and be involved in more industries, not just computing and electronics. IoT is going to be considered as a massive tool for marketing purposes and the main business target for most industries including health, home, entertainment industries and so on. As with any new technology at their initial stage, it can bring breaches, in this case, some consider there could exist security concerns that may compromise information. Which is why the investment also raised exponentially. In fact, Business Insider predicts business spending on IoT solutions will hit $6 trillion by 2.021.

Health emerges as a rising category.

This year health sensors, trackers, and wearables showed up as one of the most diverse fields and will allow taking personal control of health. Devices like: electronic skins, smart gloves, glucose sweat sensors, wearable stethoscopes, asthma monitoring patches, smart bandages, smart clothing, and electrocardiogram monitoring among others, are going to help counteract many unhealthy habitual lifestyles. Apps, sensors, and wearables that allow tracking our own health, are the new must-have.

Wrapping up

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