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That dreaded conversation with loved ones, who surely wanted to see you removing a gall bladder or arguing a case before the Supreme Court.  Never in a parent’s wildest dreams could they imagine your career choice as being a “Data Scientist.”  Arggghhhh!  Now, all they see is the hard work and money going into a career they don’t understand and have never heard of.  That is the struggle that most face convincing loved ones or friends that your career choice is relevant and viable.  Fact is, being a data scientist is one of the up and coming careers in today’s market.  Yes mom and dad, it pays well, provides significant professional growth and is in demand!
In a recent article by CNN Money on the Best New Jobs in America, the IT data scientist was listed as #3 on their list. According to their report, a data scientist can anticipate a median salary of $98k and has a 10 year growth rate of 18.7%. You don’t need to understand big data to know that that is a very respectable future for anyone entering the profession. To further support the CNN report, in the October 2012 Harvard Business Review, they identified the data scientist as “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.”  HBR went on to describe the new profession as a critical opportunity for any business that requires management of big data.  They require the professional to manage that data to ensure accuracy and find insights within it. Without a doubt, the data scientist will be in demand across the world market.
Now for all the moms and dads out there, to understand this you simply need to sit back and watch what is done on the Internet.  Businesses like LinkedIn, Twitter, PayPal and a multitude of others gather enormous amounts of data as part of their operation.  This data cache must be managed, linked, and accurately maintained to achieve the most profitable result.  However, step away from the Internet for a second and look at other industries, such as insurance, banking, retail and healthcare. They also gather big data to operate their business models and that data is required to be accurate.  Certain industries have significant oversight and compliance requirements that just cannot be met without proper management of big data.  This is where the data scientist is playing a key role, now and more importantly, well into the future.
So, when you hear that your son or daughter is going to be a data scientist, reflect a moment before answering and remember this article. They will embark on a groundbreaking career that offers professional growth and a secure future. Frankly, with the hazards of other high profile professions, one would rather be cleansing data for a Fortune 500 company than removing a gall bladder any day of the week.  The world is changing because of technology and being a part of that future as a data scientist is groundbreaking.  It’s a bright future!
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