As a marketer, when was the last time you cleaned your data? Hmmm? That’s a good question and the answer may be shocking. Fact is, coming into 2013, marketers found themselves woefully lacking in managing their data. You might say they found themselves data rich and insight poor.  This is not a position anyone in today’s business climate needs to find themselves, especially marketing.  Data cleansing and data management are proven sciences that are crucial to success in the data rich environment of 2013. Social media and online presence absorbs data at an astounding rate. The amount of insight and intelligence amassed is incredible and the subsequent value is immeasurable.  Are you in position to capitalize on the opportunity?

Let’s look at a few facts from recent surveys that may give some insight into the challenges of data management in marketing:

  1. A recent survey indicates that only 12% of marketers have plans for improving customer data methods
  2. 23% indicate they cleanse customer data monthly
  3. 24% cleanse customer data weekly
  4. 27% cleanse customer data either quarterly or annually
  5. 26% cannot remember the last time they cleansed customer data

These numbers can be a bit unnerving when compared to the value of the data they accumulate.
Most will agree that effective data management is crucial to marketing and related business strategies.  Time and again, statistics clearly show that data cleansing increases customer satisfaction, fiscal performance and customer insights. Billions of dollars are lost annually to ineffective data management.  Marketing and direct mail marketing is an essential tool to small and medium business. Campaigns that are well managed can reap significant profits and build solid customer relationships. These campaigns will never be truly effective without a solid data management strategy.
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