Why In-House Data Quality Projects Fail

In our decades of working with Fortune 500 companies, enterprise organizations & public sector institutions in 40+ countries, we have consistently seen in-house data quality solutions failing. Here’s why.

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The white paper will help you:

 Identify common causes of poor Data Quality.
 Understand the consequences of ignoring poor data quality.
 Gain insight on why in-house data quality solutions fail & at what costs.
 Be aware of accurate data matching as a data quality challenge that cannot be managed in-house
 Make an informed decision on using Data Ladder as your go-to tool for data matching & data cleansing.

Data Ladder’s visual approach for business users is cutting-edge. The visual interface and well thought-out options make for simple and effective data cleansing implementations.

Ted Friedman, Gartner – Author Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools