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DL Blog 6_7_13 imageYou were so excited! The team pulled together in a remarkable manner and executed the perfect direct mail marketing campaign. As the CEO, you were very proud and extremely hopefully for significant enrichment to the company coffers. Just after the launch, everyone was focused on the first indications in operations that the campaign was taking hold. Finally, the numbers started to move, but clearly not to the level that was expected. As the campaign wore on, the performance was, to say the least, lackluster. The CFO is now spending a significant amount of his time in your office, looking for direction as how to offset this damp campaign that started with such a high expectation. As you nervously move around in your chair, search for an answer to this troubling question, you wake from your dream …

Luckily for you and your company, this was only a dream, but one with real implications. You are about to launch a direct mail marketing campaign and all bets are off! The success of your new product launch is depending heavily on the campaign. Because of this, part of your due diligence has been spent on data quality concerns. With a large amount of client data safely stored in your servers, your concerns have been about the relationships between accurate data and costs related to direct mail. Here are three facts that may open your eyes to the risks:

  1. The total cost for mail returned to you Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) runs about $3 a piece.
  2. The United States Postal Service (USPS) estimated in 2011 that 4% – 5% of all mail was returned UAA.
  3. UAA mail accounted for 6.94 billion pieces in 2010.

If you think about those figures, you will understand the risks of duplicate data to your direct mail campaign. The duplicate addresses residing in your data are a minefield in the roadmap to success. Data Ladder can be a trusted partner in your direct mail campaign. Our address deduplication software, Data Match 2013, complete with data cleansing and fuzzy matching algorithms, makes it the best tool available to ensure your direct mail campaign touches the right customers. Our address deduplication software also helps improve direct mail campaign effectiveness through opportunity mapping, and can even identify and classify customers by industry or keyword! Contact one of our data specialists for more information.