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Verify and validate your addresses by running them against an official, authoritative database, like the USPS in the US, and update them to comply with the standardized USPS® format that highlights the ZIP+4 value along with the geocoded location.

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What is address verification?

Address verification is the process of running addresses against an authoritative database – such as USPS in the US – and validating the realness of the information. This process verifies that the address is a mailable, accurate, and valid location within the country for delivering mail.

The process usually starts with address standardization, then goes on to parsing, geocoding, and formatting, etc.


Why do you need an address verification tool?

Reduce mailing costs

Eliminate the cost and effort of mailing promotional materials to wrong or non-existent addresses.

Improve customer service

Higher mailing accuracy can lead to quicker deliveries which can improve brand perception and customer loyalty.

Identify households

Understand your customer-base in terms of households and run targeted campaigns to pitch relatable service offerings.

Understand customer behavior

Get accurate picture of your customer demographics with high quality, precise, and consistent address information.


Increase operational efficiency

Reduce manual labor, level up data quality, and optimize business processes with automatic address verification technology.

Ensure address standardization

Ensure that the addresses across all databases follow standardized format, such as the USPS address format.


What DME’s address verification can do for you?

DME, a CASS-certified solution, parses address fields into its respective components such as street name and number, zip code, city name, state, and country, etc. Next, it matches each of them against the standardized UPSP® database to validate their accuracy, and constructs the address in a way such that it follows the standardized address format.
DME allows you to compute the latitudinal and longitudinal geocodes for any given address, as well as identify the 5-digit zip code along with the 4-digit route within delivery area. Furthermore, DME profiles address information and plots pins of address on the map to give you exact coordinates of the addresses.
With DME’s extensive address verification capabilities, you can not only verify an address’s existence against an official address database, but also check whether the address is residential or business, confirm it right down to the apartment and suite number, and add secondary information to improve mail delivery.

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What else do you get out of the box?

Our address verification tool comes with a number of in-built features that facilitate easy, automatic, and cost-effective address verification at any time.

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