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Recognize and transform complex product data using machine learning and semantic technology to get pricing intelligence, enrich product data, and improve product classification.

Did you know?

Product Categorization and pricing strategy
Surveys reveal that over 72% of retailers struggle with product categorization and pricing strategy. The primary reason is data matching inaccuracy. Every percentage of comparison indirectly affects conversions, market share, loyalty, and subsequently, profit margins. Unfortunately, unstructured data brings a lack of clarity and becomes unmanageable fast. Without specialized tools to manage the inherent complexity of product data, retailers must resort to manually comparing products, or outsourcing manual comparisons. Both routes cost immense time and resources. By opting for automation, retailers have been able to cut costs and improve sales dramatically with Data Ladder.

So what’s stopping them?

  • Syntax and patterns are difficult to recognize automatically in unstructured data.
  • Different retailers use variations of product title, attributes, picture, and price.
  • Imprecise product matching requirements and definition of what constitutes a “match”.
  • Product data is imperfect across disparate data sources (catalogs, supplier end, etc).
  • Lack of taxonomy development and classification standards.

What is Product Matching?

Product matching is a data quality process used by retailers, manufacturers, and market research professionals to deduplicate, enrich, classify, and otherwise handle product data. The end-goal is typically to get pricing intelligence and/or create a Single Product View (SPV) for both internal and external audiences. Common matching requirements include identity match (matching key fields like part number and manufacturer name), capability match (matching product functionality by extracting and standardizing attributes), and relationship match (understanding product relationships and inferring information like “which ink with which printer”). Key use-cases of product matching software include:

Pricing Intelligence

Draw product comparisons across leading retailers and your competition and create your pricing strategy to maximize profit margins.

Product Dedupe and Enrichment

Reduce the number of parts in your inventory dramatically while enriching product data by consolidating across disparate sources.

Product Classification

Classify products into industry-standard (UNSPSC, etc.) or custom taxonomies by automatically deriving hierarchies using contextual recognition.

Cost and Time Savings

Experience significant time and cost savings by automating product matching, cleansing, and standardization with up to 96% match accuracy.

What You Get With Our Product Matching Software

Semantic and Contextual Recognition

Powerful semantic matching technology uses contextual recognition to make sense of complex, unstructured product data.

Drive Hierarchical Relationships

By recognizing context, Data Ladder’s product matching software automatically derives complex product hierarchies for classification.


Automatically create product cross-references and improve competitive intelligence to increase revenue and customer to satisfaction.

Machine Learning Capability

Teach our product matching software to maximize match accuracy by enabling machine learning from current product master data.

How do you manage large amounts of unstructured data and make sense of it all? Many marketing and operations managers are challenged to find the right tool that deals with unstructured, varied data. Product data covers many categories, each of which has a different semantic definition. A different approach is required to sort through the many variations. What happens when your system is loaded with data in the incorrect format? Reports will be inaccurate, items will be hard to locate, and customers will be lost. Our platform is a dynamic approach to making imperfect product data usable. ProductMatch by Data Ladder automates the creation of reliable data for organizations with semantic technology that translates unstructured data into standardized information that makes sense.
Data Ladder helps medium and large businesses with their data quality needs. Are you a marketing director trying to piecing together market research data for a product launch? Or are you a catalog manager maintaining large volumes of product data? Regardless of your technical prowess, ProductMatch offers seamless integration and management of the most intricate data – without the headaches! Our product matching software is specifically designed to uncover the hidden relationships, learn from past experience with Machine Learning, and create hierarchical categorization on top of unstructured data.

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