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Combine data from databases and files, decide which records should stay or go, and create survivorship rules easily with the highest-rated merge purge software in the market.

What is merge purge?

A merge purge software screens all data records residing across multiple data sources, recognizes duplicate records, and allows you to build survivorship rules to create a single source of truth for your organizational data. As the average enterprise uses 65+ different data sources to store entity records relating to customers, vendors, or products, a merge purge software can add huge value to this process.

How does merge purge increase operational efficiency?

When organizations have effective data merge and purge strategies in place, it helps them to plan efficient utilization of technology, resources, workforce, and business processes. Merge purge – if handled as automated data preparation – offers teams more time to focus on execution and deriving better insights from organizational data. This consequently results in better outcomes and achievements for the business without compromising on quality. 

Here's why you need Data Ladder's merge purge solution

Reduce the cost of implementing merge purge manually and utilize the industry’s leading merge purge software. Rated industry’s fastest and most accurate, DME can help you to achieve:

Unmatched speed & accuracy

Rated faster and more accurate than IBM and SAS, DataMatch consistently had the least number of false positives in independent studies.

Automated standardization

Apply over 300,000 built-in rules for names (Jon, Jonathan, John), phone numbers, address, and company name for standardization. 

Fuzzy logic identification

Identify matches accurately with percent matches between records and setting minimum percent match thresholds by field. 

Rapid & easy deployment

Simply download and deploy the application within minutes with the help of our guided installation wizard and start matching.

How is entity data spread across an organization?

Different channels in an organization generate various kinds of data. For example, customer information comes from marketing and sales activities, and is usually collected via website forms or manually entered into the CRM.

On the other hand, product information is collected from various vendors, and stored in spreadsheets and other databases. No matter what the entity is and how it is captured and stored, a master record must be created by merging data from all these sources into one.

How does merge purge streamline data-driven decision making?

The single most important thing for decision making is accurate and reliable data. When records from disparate sources are combined together, the values become inconsistent and duplicated.

Training models on duplicated, poor-quality data records causes your analysis process to produce biased results. On the contrary, implementing an end-to-end merge purge process streamlines decision making for business owners as it ensures high quality data is being used to forecast future predictions.

How does merge purge software find matching records?

DataMatch Enterprise parses names and addresses, and generates match keys for fuzzy, phonetic, numeric, and domain-specific matching. The software leverages a combination of proprietary and industry-best algorithms as well as probabilistic language models, to deliver the most accurate matches – at unprecedented speeds. These algorithms include Jaro-Winkler Distance, Probabilistic Jaccard, Metaphone 3, and Name Variant, among others.

How long does the merge purge process take?

Our merge purge solution has been tested on lists and databases of up to 2 billion records and has been rated the fastest and most accurate merge purge software in multiple independent studies. It has consistently outperformed competing solutions from IBM and SAS. Whether you’re a business user or IT, experience the power of code-free, intuitive data merge purge and increase operational efficiency today.

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